This article may help you decide whether or not to go and study abroad.

By Hania Zając-Stachlewska, 1st grade

Probably many of you have thought about going on an international exchange but you have had a lot of doubts about it. To make your life easier, I have listed some of the pros and cons of taking part in a foreign exchange programme.


Making new friends

One of the main and most exciting advantages of foreign exchange is making new friends. Not only will you have the opportunity to get to know some different people from all over the world, but you’ll also forge a special bond as many of them will be foreign exchange students too. Additionally, you may have a host family who will welcome you into their home and treat you like an extra family member.

Educational diversity

Studying abroad will open up new educational opportunities for you. Apart from experiencing a completely different educational system, you’ll have a range of study options. You will be able to expand your knowledge, learn some new skills, not to mention you might find great inspiration from people that you meet.

Learning a new language

As soon as you've arrived in your chosen country, you’ll be surrounded by a new language that you’ll have to learn. Although it may be difficult at first, as you’ll be completely lost in the community after some time you will get to know the language better.


Culture shock

While travelling and exploring a new country it’s always fun, albeit living there might be quite challenging, especially if the country is completely opposed to yours. Apart from not knowing the language, you’ll be faced with unfamiliar and strange customs, along with different beliefs as well as mentality, which as a whole could be overwhelming.


Although foreign exchange programmes provide you with an opportunity to meet new people, you may feel lonely and homesick after leaving all of your loved ones behind.

Falling behind with your studies

While studying abroad will enable you to acquire new knowledge, you do risk falling behind with your studies back home. Some universities don’t acknowledge exams taken at foreign universities,

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